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Issue No.123 June, 2015
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In this issue:-

Beware of devil’s devices

               Latest developments across the globe forcefully urge Christians to be alert and be on their guard. On one side there is rampant atrocities against Christian believers in the most cruel and inhuman manner. On the other side, there is an effort by even the government agencies to subtly introduce ideologies and practices which are detrimental to our spiritual life. The so-called ‘Christian’ countries simply abandon the scripture and support the evil ways of this wicked generation. Many sincere saints begin to wonder, ‘where are we going, is it really the beginning of the end?’
        Alas, vast majority of Christians prefer to keep quite at such crucial issues. But silence is not always the best option. We ought to consider the impact of such matters on our spiritual life and practice. More than that how would it affect the next generation? The word of God does warn us to be watchful and take the needed precautions. Acts 20: 29 – 31; Jude vs 17 – 23 etc.
        Remember, the evil one is never slack in his aim and assignments! He does everything possible to trap, trouble and weaken the people of God. Paul warns, ‘Satan should not take advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his devices’. 2Cor 2: 11.

The word of God refers to various kinds of satanic tactics. Though we should not be obsessed with devil, we ought to have some idea of his schemes. In the Garden of Eden he came very quietly as a snake to decieve, but he also takes the form of a lion to threaten. In the parable of the sower the Lord says, he comes as a bird to take away the seed sown. Paul says he even takes the form an angel of light to infiltrate and seduce. Cf. Gen 3:1; 1Pet 5: 8; Matt 13: 4, 19; 2Cori 11: 14. How cunning and crafty he is. He got variety of schemes to be used according to the person and occasion. Ephesians 6:11, 12 teach that devil works in an organized manner. That’s why it is dangerous and deceptive to be unaware of his tactics.
        One interesting point to remember is, Satan does not take any credit for his work. He prefers to be behind the scene. He is least interested in publicity. He likes to use people, even our own dear ones in the most subtle manner. Matt 16:23. Behind many others incidents too one can notice his hands. Mark 4: 35 – 41. According to Apostle John the wicked one controls even the world affairs. 1Jn 5:19. That’s why it’s imperative to be cautious and examine everything in the light of the word of God which is settled in heaven. 1Jn 4:1; 2Tim 3: 1 – 5.

In the light of these realities we need to evaluate the latest developments around us. In the name of tolerance, liberty or openness, society slowly willing to abolish the boundaries set by the creator. Devil has successfully formed a generation whose only interest is to enjoy life. In the pursuit for wealth and health, they are willing to take any path, and do not consider the Biblical standard for it. How terrible to notice that throughout the world we see the same trend, no one is bothered, no hesitation, no shame to follow the worldly life style.
        Let us seriously consider our belief and behaviour in the light of the Bible. Be aware of the satanic work of sowing tares and snatching away the good seeds. (Matt 13: 38, 39) Do not just hope that we can enjoy the ‘good’ of every realm and be a victorious Christian. Let us learn to identify the deceptions of the wicked one, however sweet and useful it might look to be. Such watchfulness is needed not only for our own life even for the generations to come.

Out line:-

Satan’s Seven Offices

  1. The tempter. Gen 3:1
  2. The deceiver John 8:44
  3. The persecutor 1Peter 5:8
  4. The hinderer. 1Thess 2:18
  5. The buffeter. 2Cor 12:7
  6. The impersonator. 2Cor 11:14
  7. The accuser. Reve 12:10

Anecdote: -

Waiting Seagulls

        A little girl at the beach had a box of chips. There were a few seagulls. The box had tipped over, but she was eating the chips. Suddenly, the wind blew the box about 4 metres away and the little girl ran to get it. When she got back there wasn't a single chip left. The seagulls had had a feeding frenzy. Satan will always take advantage if we are distracted from the task.

Worthy Quotes:-

Devil & his devices

“There is no neutral ground in the universe; every square inch,
every split second, is claimed by God and counter-claimed by Satan.”

_____________________  C.S. Lewis

“The first step on the way to victory is to recognize the enemy.”

  _________ Corrie Ten Boom  

“Satan, like a fisher, baits his hook according to the appetite of the fish.”

_____________________  Thomas Adams

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