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Issue No.110 January, 2014
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In this issue:-

Living His Life

        What an excitement and energy the New Year brought in! Whether believers or unbelievers, except a very few, everybody had some kind of special programme appropriate for this occasion. But as days go by, slowly we come to understand that in spite of our firm decisions and best wishes, life is not much different from the past. We find ourselves weak and helpless in fulfilling our own decrees.
        It does not mean New Year resolutions are bad. At least we will come to know that we do fail! In fact any moment in life can be an occasion to take a new path, but we should not forget that merely taking some ‘definite’ decisions do not guarantee success.

Self-effort vain
Whatever may be the occasion, as far as a Christian believer is concerned, he has to understand and acknowledge that he can not live a better, fruitful and God-honouring life by his own ability and effort. In reality, Christian life is not we try to live but Christ lives in and through us. The best effort of man is not capable to please God. All our good works are as filthy rags before God. Isa 64: 6. Our natural weaknesses and the ever-abiding fallen nature can mar the good intentions that we have. Cf. Matt 26: 40; Num 11: 14; Jn 16:12; Rom 7: 18.
        The only option before a Christian is to allow Christ to live in and through him. That’s why He said; ‘with out me you can do nothing’. Jn. 15:5. It’s not enough to receive Christ as our saviour and Lord once in life time, and then forget everything. Experience of personal salvation is certainly needed and that alone can qualify us to escape the eternal judgment and enter into His rest. But to live Christian life we need to experience Christ daily. Every day dying to self, world and Satan; constantly yielding to the Lord, listening to the Spirit of God and being obedient to His word are all indispensable experiences of a true Christian believer.

Self-glory unacceptable
One of the fundamental methods of God’s working is He does not allow man to take Glory. That’s why He chose the weak and foolish things of the world. 1Cori 1: 26 – 29. The moment we begin to take credit for any activity, even if its spirituality, God can not tolerate it. He hates the proud, in fact opposes him, but gives enough grace to the humble. James 4: 6.
        Just as by grace we have been saved, it’s grace that sustains us in our daily practical life. Tit 2: 11, 12. But grace is not available for the proud. One has to reach the throne of grace humbly. Heb 4: 16; Jam 4: 6. Without this enabling grace we struggle to continue our practical Christian life. Nevertheless often we do not care about the reasons for the absence of grace! It may be hidden sin, pride or any other attitude that is unacceptable before God.

Brokenness basic
Oh, how we need to ask God to examine and judge us. Pray that just as God graciously dealt with some of His chosen ones like Moses, Peter and even Paul, he may break us up. No one else can do it for others; even we ourselves may hesitate to be broken, but when God deals with us that will be true and total. He will deal with our self, pride, ego etc and cause us to experience daily death to such things. Then His life and strength will begin to flow in and through us. Praise be to God, living His life means victory and fulfilment.
        “For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen” Rom 11: 36

Out line:-

Daily Things

  • Bread    Matt 6:11
  • Cross.   Luke 9: 23
  • Increase in Church.   Act 16: 5
  • Searching of scriptures.   Acts 17: 11
  • Dying   1Cori 15: 31
  • Exhorting.   Heb 10: 25
  • Watching   Prov 8: 34

Anecdote: -

Broken humorist

        Will Rogers was known for his laughter, but he also knew how to weep. One day he was entertaining at the Milton H. Berry Institute in Los Angeles, a hospital that specialized in rehabilitating polio victims and people with broken backs and other extreme physical handicaps.
        Of course, Rogers had everybody laughing, even patients in really bad condition; but then he suddenly left the platform and went to the rest room. Milton Berry followed him to give him a towel; and when he opened the door, he saw Will Rogers leaning against the wall, sobbing like a child. He closed the door, and in a few minutes, Rogers appeared back on the platform, as jovial as before. (Warren W. Wiersbe)

News & Views: -

Sainthood to become less expensive!

        Catholic Church is considering cutting the cost of canonization. The normal process to declare a candidate as saint is a long procedure involving much time and expenditure. It involves legal documentation, consultation with experts and historical research etc. The cost for such a long procedure can run from $ 50,000 to $200,000. Vatican finds that such huge price hinder lay men and candidates of poor section from attaining sainthood.
        What a sad state, the word of God clearly and emphatically says, “By that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.” Hebrews 10:12. The moment one trust Christ as His saviour and Lord, he is forgiven, sanctified and called to be saints. 1Cori 1: 2

Worthy Quotes:-


“The prayer that prevails is not the work of lips and fingertips.
It is the cry of a broken heart and the travail of a stricken soul.”

_____________________  Samuel Chadwick

“My grand point in preaching is to break the hard heart, and to heal the broken one.”

  _________ John Newton  

“Before God could bring me to this place He has broken me a thousand times.”

_____________________  Smith Wigglesworth

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